IInd Level University Master on Breast Reconstruction - Deadline open untill January 15th

Director: Prof. Fabio Santanelli di Pompeo

Scientific coordinator: Dott. Guido Paolini

The University of Rome “Sapienza”, at the School of Medicine and Psychology, has instituted for the current Academic year, a II level University Master in Breast Reconstruction on the basis of the Ministerial Decree No. 509 of 3/11/1999 (“Ruling attributed to the regulations concerning the didactic autonomy of universities”) art. 3 comma 8, and of art. 15 of the University Didactic Regulations.

Addressed to:

Medicine and Surgery graduates and/or full board in Plastic Surgery, and is designed to provide specific training in Breast Reconstruction in order to enable participants to integrate and improve their basic knowledge in this field.


Participants will be acquainted with all the latest methods and techniques for immediate and delayed reconstruction, participating with the general surgeon in planning both the defect and the expected result. Yearly, at the Department of Plastic Surgery approximately 130 breast reconstructions are performed as follows: reconstruction with autologous tissue (DIEP flap 29%, Wise pattern lumpectomy 9%), reconstruction with autologous tissue and prosthesis (Latissimus Dorsi flap and prosthesis 13%, Wise pattern skin sparing mastectomy and prosthesis 6%), reconstruction with expander and implant (24%), secondary procedures (expander/prosthesis replacement 19%). The training will finally enable the participants to identify the most suitable reconstructive method, adapting the choice of the technique to the patient and not vice-versa, thus involving the patient itself in the decision-making process.




A maximum of fifteen (15) registered members per year. A minimum of ten (10) members is required for course activation.

If the number of applications exceeds 15, curriculum vitae evaluation and interviews will be required.

Admission of Auditors:

Students willing to improve their knowledge in selected topics can be admitted to participate as auditors to specific modules. At the end of the relative module, a certificate of attendance, signed by the Director of the Master, will be released.

Submission of applications:

The application for admission to the course must include: personal data of the candidate (surname, first name, date and place of birth, social security number, telephone number, home address, e-mail address), a photocopy of the access test fee receipt, a photocopy of a valid ID, a plain paper copy of all the documentation attesting relevant professional experience, titles and qualifications, comprising the curriculum vitae et studiorum (signed and dated) for eventual comparative evaluation. Applications shall be sent by registered mail or delivered, within the date indicated on the Announcement, at following address: Director of the University Master in "Breast Reconstruction", Prof. Fabio Santanelli, c/o the Dean’s office of the Faculty of Medicine and Psychology, University of Rome "Sapienza", via di Grottarossa, 1039 · 00189 Rome.


The selection for admission to the course is based on qualifications. Assessable qualifications are: degrees with relative final votes, postgraduate courses, training, specialization, professional experience and didactic activities pertaining to the Master, scientific publications.


The cost of the Master in Breast Reconstructive Surgery is € 3.000,00. For details refer to the University of Rome “Sapienza” postgraduate courses’ website:


Didactic structure:

The Master course in Breast Reconstructive Surgery includes face-to-face didactic activity, ward attending, guided study and interactive teaching, as well as a period of time spent for a stage and/or for the preparation of a manuscript enclosed into the training project. Each activity is reported into a schedule that will be distributed at the beginning of the course, consisting of at least 750 hours for self-study, distributed throughout the year, and 300 hours for frontal didactic teaching, distributed over at least 6 month. The master is incompatible with any other study course, with the exception of High Formation courses (see the Academic Senate resolution of 16/01/2003).

Announcement: http://www.uniroma1.it/sites/default/files/12931.pdf

For more informations: [email protected] – Phone: +39 06 33775832


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