Modified Wise pattern reduction mammaplasty, a new tool for upper quadrantectomies: a preliminary report

Quadrantectomy is an oncological safe procedure for early breast cancer, but it is often subject to make poor aesthetic results as breast shape deformity, more visible if the tumour is located in the upper pole. We suggest the use of a modified Wise-pattern breast reduction in patients with moderate to severe breast hypertrophy and tumour located in upper quadrants that keep the oncological advantages of the quadrantectomy but with better aesthetical results.

Quadrantectomy of the upper quadrant, immediate breast reconstruction and contralateral breast reduction to obtain symmetry was performed on 11 patients affected by early breast cancer with bra cup size from C to E. To replace the skin area removed with mastectomy from the upper quadrants, a similar size area from the lower pole was preserved.

In the study all patients healed uneventfully within 15 days, no local or distant recurrences occurred with a mean follow-up of 26,5 month (range: 19- 39 months).

In all cases a natural breast shape was achieved. The scars were similar to a reduction mammaplasty, and the medial or lateral scar on the upper quadrant did not aesthetically disfigure the décolleté.

To our opinion modified Wise-pattern reduction mammaplasty is a valid technique as immediate breast reconstruction to obtain a natural breast mound after upper quadrantectomies on patients with medium/large breasts.

Santanelli F, Paolini G, Campanale A, Longo B, Amanti C.
Ann Surg Oncol. 2009 May;16(5):1122-7


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